Yuito Aoi (葵 唯翔 Aoi Yuito) is one of the main characters of Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara. He is a member of photography club whose hobby is drawing. For some reason, Hitomi is able to see his drawings in colour.

Personality Edit

Yuito is a generally quiet person and he prefers to keep to himself, although he's not shy. He can come across as having a bad attitude, especially when irritated or when first meeting someone. Around people he knows, like the photography club, he is more outspoken and kind and, especially around Shou, likes to joke around. He is not very confident in his ability to draw, but he doesn't mind his art being seen or shown off. He is a diligent worker and takes suggestions and criticism easily. He is not honest with himself about his emotions and does not like to share them with others, afraid that he will bother them. This is especially evident in how he denied his own feelings for Hitomi. He is shown to become highly defensive when he feels vulnerable, such as after Hitomi accidentally went into his drawing for the first time. However, he was quick to apologize the next time he saw her. He is very loyal to his friends and willingly goes along with the photography club's activities, even though he finds some of them strange.


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