Hitomi Tsukishiro (月白瞳美 Tsukishiro Hitomi) is the main character of Iroduku: The World in Colors. She is a girl who descends from a family of witches. As she gets older, she lost her senses of colors. She gets transported back 60 years into the past by her grandmother


Hitomi is considered very beautiful as been mentioned multiple times in the anime. She is a young girl with waist-length silver hair and dark yellow eyes. As a high school student, she wears the future Minamigaoka High School's uniform. As she finds homage at the magic house in the past, she wears a pink sweater over a white collared shirt and a white skirt.


Hitomi is a shy and timid character, as shown multiple times in the anime is reluctant to talk to fellow people because she deems herself unworthy of people's affection. Although she is extremely cautious, once she has come out of her shell she is an unbelievably charismatic teenage girl.


Before Hitomi went back to 2018, she was a lonely girl and didn't have many friends. She stated that friends and a boyfriend don't matter to her.


Relationships Edit

Kohaku TsukishiroEdit

Kohaku is Hitomi's grandmother who transported her 60 years back to the past. As a teenager, she prefers Hitomi calling her by first name. They are very close friends.

Yuito AoiEdit

Yuito and Hitomi developed a special relationship throughout the series and are assumed to have feelings for each other. For some reason, Hitomi can see the color of his drawings.

Shou YamabukiEdit

Shou seems to have feelings for Hitomi. 




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