Golden Fish (金色のサカナ Kin'iro no Sakana) is the sixth episode of Iroduku: The World in Colors.


Aoi tells Hitomi about the golden fish that appeared, recalling how it was featured in some of his drawings before, but its first appearance was in an art competition in elementary school where he won first place with it. Having known Aoi since elementary school, Yamabuki shows Hitomi a photo of it, but this unexpectedly gets Asagi jealous again after seeing the two walk together and she determines to make him see her as a woman. The next day, Kurumi holds a photo shoot where everyone dresses up in formal wear and take photos outside, but Hitomi accidentally wanders into Aoi's drawing. There, amidst a colorful scenery of a sky nightline reflected in the water where the golden fish swims, she continues deeper until the scenery suddenly changes past a series of clouds to a deserted wasteland. The surrounding architecture have been buried as well as a huge golden fish being caught dead in a net. Hitomi also witnesses a shadowy figure attempting to capture a smaller, golden fish and rushes to stop him, only to wake up on the bench in the real world after having supposedly collapsed. However, when questioned about it, Aoi snaps at Hitomi and this causes friction between the two, who avoid each other until they accidentally bump into each other: Aoi having just finished looking at an exhibition set up by his friend and Hitomi on her way home with Kohaku. Running away from him, Aoi chases her to the bus stop and promises her that he will let her see his latest work once he's done, reawakening the golden fish and Hitomi realises that her sense of colors is suddenly back.

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